Wednesday, July 25, 2012

World To The Wise

With retail prices the way they are and the junk apparel coming from overseas, more and more folks are turning to vintage, a WISE decision I might add.  Not only fashionable (making a full circle), but also durable and very affordable.  Here I'd like to share with you a friend who just opened up her vintage apparel shop on Etsy.  With styles ranging from the 60's to the 90's it shouldn't be hard to find some faves.  My pal Susan opened in June and now has her second shop...

Where you'll find an assortment of vintage clothing like...

This vintage 90's Sleeveless Blouse and Capri Styled Pants in a Light and Airy Blue.
Skirts like this K & I Lace Trimmed Green with Floral Print shown below.

Perhaps this lovely Sostansa day dress is more your liking?

Hot August nights don't have to be with these cool vintage Ralph Lauren Skorts!

This vintage hot pink DKNY blouse is one of my faves!

Stop by

for fun and fantastic vintage apparel.