Sunday, December 28, 2014

Hello Dolly!

Yesterday while going through some boxes I found this book from 1969 titled "How To Successfully Start and Operate a Doll Hospital" and had to laugh!  I thought of how much fun I could have with this, who I could share it with?  

First, I had to find the two dolls I've had hanging around for years, dolls I could never discard as I knew they had a purpose, there was a reason I hung on for soooo long, the reason came in the form of this book.   

Second, I had to created a post.... Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook!  A post that would included a silly quote from the iconic TV show "Six Million Dollar Man".  A post only Oscar Goldman, Jamie Sommers, and the dude himself, Steve Austin could truly love (or so I think, lol).

And (I know one should never start a sentence with "and") who better to feature with the book than ole Stevie himself.  Broken and nearly abandoned, accompanied by an old "Battle Scarred" friend, "Headless" G.I. Joe Johnson.

"Doctor, we have the technology, we can rebuild them!"

It is now POSSIBLE!

Monday, November 24, 2014

All That Glitter's...

Is Gold

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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Slim Pickin's

This time of year it's slim pickin's, especially since there are virtually no yard or estate sales in my area, one turns to thrift and 2nd hand stores.  Here I share with you my latest Thrift and Second Hand store finds...

I couldn't pass up on these three hard to find 12" tall Batman and Spiderman action figures from 1990-1992.

Vintage specs are always a good find and easy to ship.  Here is a pair of Aluminum framed eyewear from the 40's or 50's that would make a great pair of sunglasses.

This 1946 "Log O Life" book might fit the bill for the expectant mother in chronicling the life of her child.  Would make a beautiful keepsake.

For the collector of Boy Scouts Of American memorabilia is this colorful embroidered cloth patch.  It's 5" in diameter and great for the BSOA or cloth patch collector. 

This piece just looks cool.  A large 15" Copper Dish radiates the heat from the Wire and Ceramic element space heater from the 1950's.

This large Bahama Blue colored Vintage 1940's Jar would set off any window sill when filled with your favorite bouquet of flowers.  Standing 14 inches tall and 5 inches in diameter, it's delicacy can be felt in it's weight, almost featherweight.

From the early 1990's these Boyd's Dolls have always been a favorite of mine.  Their "True to Life"  craftsmanship and period outfits make them one of my fave collectibles.

Both were found without their original tag like the one shown at the top of this page, but for $5.00 for the pair I couldn't pass them up and now join the collection.

And finally my prized find of the month, this awesome Gordon & Smith FiberFlex Skateboard from the 1970's sporting Independent brand Trucks and Sector 9 wheels. 

Hope your days are filled with fantastic finds!

Happy Hunting!!