Sunday, February 24, 2013

Out Of Control

Oly smokes!  This past winter of collecting and storing has left me in somewhat of a quagmire!  I've no more room to store anything in the house, uggh!!  In fact, I've now begun storing items in the back of my truck!  I've a sweet vintage train set in 2 boxes in hidden in the confines of my canopy.  I also have a box of vintage Grateful Dead books and a very cool drawing of actor Sam Elliot, lol.

I've just packed a huge Dell computer box with a ton of knick knacks and glasswares.  The items shown below would not fit in the box.

I've still a mantel to clear as we're rearranging and updating the decor in the room.  

Most, but not all the items are vintage and some you may have seen in my shop.

I hope to get pics taken of these straggler items like the old bakelite and brass clock, figurine planters, old cigar box, the vintage Davy Crockett collectors cards, and get them listed.

Need a circa 1910 compass??  I've got one for ya, but as you can see it has a crack in it's crystal.

Feeling a little bit looney? How bout an old "Looney Bin" placard?

I hope to have this awesome solid copper "Miner" figurine listed, but trying to figure out what I did with his handstaff.

Well, I should be looking instead of sitting here posting.  Hoping you have a great week of vintagicity hunting or whatever it is that strikes your fancy!!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Be My Valentine

Here I share with you some faved Valentine's Day themed vintage goodies from some of my favorite team Vintage Vertigo shops on Etsy.

Lizs Vintage Attic has to offer this Red Lucite and Gold Toned Necklace and Earring set that's simply elegant.

This cute 1977 "Love" themed Holly Hobbie glass from Snapshots Through Time would be a great addition to any Holly Hobbie collection.

A lovely little Ruby Red and White Hobnail Vase from Fine Romance perfectly befits that single Valentines Day rose.

What woman wouldn't love a cute and dainty trinket box like this Heart Shaped Mid Century Porcelain Box from Rhinestones Rock.

For the chef and Snoopy fan, this great Snoopy Gourmet Guide found at Amy's shop toparis would make a nice Valentine's Day surprise.

Seal the day with a kiss, a Vampire Kiss Neckless made of Blood Red Crystal Lips and Crystal Clear Fangs from Vamps Vintage.

Find all these wonderful vintage goodies along with many more of the fabulous members found on Etsy's team Vintage Vertigo.