Wednesday, December 14, 2011

From Russia With....

Vintage.  Browsing Etsy shops today I found a one that carries some awesome and unique vintage items.  One in particular is a vintage paratroopers helmet and is shown below.  The thing I loved most was that this shop carried a variety of vintage Russian militaria.  I found this shop very interesting and wanted to share a few pieces here.

Allow me to introduce you to....


Here are just a few of her wonderful vintage pieces.

This wonderful Original Soviet Army Airborne Military VDV Paratrooper Helmet

A Vintage Soviet Russian Mechanical Stopwatch "AGAT"

Vintage Leather Soviet Army Officer Bag

USSR Officer's
 Military Hat

These are just a few of my faved items from Tatyana's shop Vintage Russia I hope you stop by for a browse as there is plenty more to see.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Many Thanks

Wishing you and yours a 

Happy Thanksgiving Day

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Sir Lamps Alot

I sure like lamps, alot.  Specifically pre-70's lamps, but I won't pass up a nice stained glass shaded lamp either as you may have read in a previous post.  Here's one I ran across at a local thrift store that I'm thinkin' on converting to a post lamp.  This is a hanging lamp that I believe is from the 1940's that someone along the way bluewashed it.  Even with the bluewash, it looks soo cool.  Would ya believe I paid only 5 bucks.

It retains all of it's original hardware for a ceiling mount application.  The original chain is included as well.  All 5 shade rings are in perfect condition.  All the porcelain fixtures are in excellent condition as well.

The arms that extend from the body of the lamp are near perfect as well as the body and end caps.  Having a bottom cap is a real plus as I will allow me the option of turning this into a pedestal lamp.

What do you think, pedestal or hanging?


Hanging it is!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Sweet Vintage

Here's a shoutout to a new pal who owns and operates Esty shop...

Christina has been a member since 2008 and is stocking her shop with some cool vintage finds.  I've listed a few samples of her great finds in hopes to intice you into visiting her shop.  One of my fave pieces is this 1972 New Haven Quartz Owl wall clock by the Burwood Company.

Another is this 3 piece Maurice of California serving set in a beautiful turquoise glaze.

Beautiful color!

This sunflower candy dish is sure to appeal to those who appreciate the bright and vivid colors the natural flower has to offer.

Lastly, as I don't wanna give away all her great vintage finds is this awesomely crazed acorn shaped dish

I love how the color transends from a yellowish at top down to a deep avocado green at the bottom, uniquely beautiful.

I hope you'll stop in for a browse as I'm sure you'll enjoy Christina's vintage treasures and who know's, you may find something you just can't live without?

Monday, August 22, 2011

Silver Plate Tray Giveaway Winner

Hi All,

Thanks to any of you who may have stopped by this past week.  The randomly selected winner of the vintage 4 piece silver plate trays is......



Congratulations Janie!!!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Hard Habit To Break

Hi All,

Just wanted to post a few pics of this cute vintage satin purse.  I've been trying to refrain from making purchases like this as only the very finest of vintage handbags and purses seem to sell.  I've a small personal collection and it's too dang hard for me to walk away from a great deal on one of these lil gems.  I'm estimating the bag to be from the 40's or 50's.  It is beautiful white satin with an embroidered white rose.  The inner lining is of a black satiny material with chromelike hardware and chain.  It's a little larger than a coin purse at 6" tall x 4" wide, but smaller than a clutch.  It's been very well cared for.

It is currently listed in my Etsy shop at a killer price.  Hope you'll stop by and have a look.

Monday, August 15, 2011

A Silverplate Tray Give Away!


Hi All,

I'm having a give away in which one lucky winner will take home a cute 4 piece W.M. Rogers Petite Silverplate Tray Set in it's original box.  They are 5" in diameter and in excellent condition for being 40 + years old.

This give away runs from today August 15, 2011 thru midnight eastern time August 21, 2011 and is open to U.S. participants only.  The winner will be randomly selected and announced in a new post on Monday August 22, 2011.

All you need to do to enter is follow this blog or leave a comment on this post.  That simple.

Hope you'll enter and good luck!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Vintage, Antique, Rustic

Red Cottage Comforts is a lovely Etsy shop where you'll find wonderfully affordable vintage, antique, and rustic goods and decor for your home. 

Following is a sample of some of the beautiful items you'll find....

Hand Painted Cottage Rose Salt N Pepper Shakers

Victorian Style 3 Piece Vanity Accessories

Romantic Portraits Lace Collar

Vintage Tin Adding Machine by Wolverine MFG

Do stop by for a visit as I'm sure you'll enjoy the browse and who know's, you just might find a little piece of comfort for yourself.


Friday, June 24, 2011

That Groovy 70's Lamp

Just wanted to share with you this groovy vintage 1970's swag/hanging style multi-colored glass and leaded lamp.  It measures 15" in diameter and about the same in height.  Thinkin' bout weatherizing it and hanging outdoors? 

There are some panes that need to be replaced but heck, it still looks mavaluss!!

I can hardly wait to get the thing wired and fire it up. 

Well, here it is in it's final state....

I'd like to hear what you think, drop me a line/comment.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Bombshells and Mad Men

It's so wonderful to come across a vintage vendor who's passion for vintagicity is reflected in the finds that are presented in their shop.  This featured seller goes it not alone, but with a silent companion.  Silent yes, but very much a large part of the grand scheme, to seek and acquire those wonderful antique and vintage finds so that they may be reintroduced to the world and who owns a unique shop of her own.  To reclaim and repurpose those pieces that have fallen by the wayside to time.  My featured sellers are a Mother and daughter team of both of whom have a love for all that is antique and vintage.  Some of you may know or have seen this vintage vendors shop on Etsy and even if so, I hope you enjoy the interview and get to know a little more about the wonderful ladies behind the scenes at....

"Wonderful Vintage Finds For Bombshells and Mad Men"

I introduce you to....



Share with us a little about the people behind the scenes at Nevermore Vintage.

Nevermore Vintage consists of a mother and daughter team of treasure hunters. We love to spend our weekends searching for items that we think are fabulous and unusual, and want to share those magical gems with others.


When did you realize you wanted to deal in vintage and antique items?

I think we realized that we loved doing this by default. We quit our horrible retail jobs before Christmas and needed extra money, along with trying to clean out our closets and drawers.

We started by selling my grandmother's jewelry, and when those pieces sold so well, we decided to go in search of more vintage items and loved the adventure associated with it. I also love researching each piece and trying to pass the history along to other vintage enthusiasts.


Who or what has been your biggest

My biggest influence has been my mother. She just celebrated her 50th birthday, and when we're on a vintage/antique hunt, its like she turns into a teenager again. She has so much positive energy, drive and a huge smile. Its uplifting to see someone SO happy when the world sometimes seems full of pessimists. Not only has our relationship become stronger from our adventures, but we also turn our treasure hunting into a little competition of who can find what. She sure keeps me on my toes! Haha.


Where do you find your inspiration?

I find inspiration in vintage and antique pieces that are falling apart but have obviously been loved. My favorite pieces come from the early 1900's to the 1940's. I try to keep my eyes open for those. Anything that’s colored glass, or has rhinestones or velvet, I just have to have. My mother likes vintage items that are more everyday or practical, especially dealing with home decor. I think that’s what makes our shop unique and entertaining.. There's something for everyone.


Apart from Nevermore Vintage, what
other hobbies/crafts do you have?

My mother has a shop, So Dear Designs, where she sells her retro aprons, fabric flower brooches and upcycled pin cushions.

                        So Dear Designs

My Etsy shop, Rabbit Heart Designs, is where I sell my upcycled 1930's bisque dolls, jewelry made from found objects and my original paintings. Arts and crafts has always been a huge part of my family life.

                                                              Rabbit Heart Designs

 My grandmother was always tadding and my grandfather enjoyed latch-hook, which they both shared with me when I was young. If I'm not painting, taking photographs or eating desserts (which is an every day occurrence), I'm submersing myself into films.

 Hopefully, soon, I'll be creating corsets and vintage-inspired lingerie.


If you were to meet any artist/celebrity/person who would it be? Why?

I would have loved to have met Marie Antoinette. She had the greatest wardrobe, garden and party-life. Her wig was miles high and she did what she could to break the boundaries of what was fashionable at the time. She supposedly said, "Let them eat cake!" and lets face it, if I could eat cake all day long, I would. Although she was partying France's money away, she loved to entertain and have fun. I would have loved to have spent a day with, and then left with my head still attached!


Where would you like to see yourself/Nevermore Vintage in the next 5 years?

I think Nevermore Vintage will flourish and become even bigger and better. Even if I one day move out of state, I know that my mother and I will still be treasure hunting, adding to our collection and passing our gems on to others. I don't see us ever stopping. This Etsy shop has become such a huge part of my life that I'm sure, even when I'm dead, I'll be checking my Etsy page from beyond the grave.

 Its hard to quit old habits! Haha.

What one item if any, from your personal collection of vintage do you hold most dear?

The two items that I will never sell and that I cherish are my grandmother's wedding band and engagement ring. The ring is in the shape of a flower, with the diamond in the center, and the flower’s leaves drape over the band. I have never seen anything like it and hopefully, one day, I'll resize it and will wear it when I get married. She was a wonderful woman and I'd love to carry her memory with me.


We hope you enjoyed the read and want to thank you for stopping by.  Please stop by to visit and browse all 3 wonderful shops as there are so many wonderful items to see.

My special THANKS to
 Sara for taking the time
and allowing this interview