Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Her Majesty, The Kween


  My first featured seller is a friend who I admire and respect tremendously, not only for her awareness in selecting wonderful vintage items to stock her Etsy shop with, but moreso for her intelligence, charm, sense of humor, and kindness.  The fact she deals in vintagicities is a definate, YES!  I love browsing her shop and I believe you will too, especially if you've a fondness and appreciation for all that is vintage.

I'd like to introduce to you....


Share with us a little about the person behind the scenes at VntageQueen.

My name is Ashley! I am a mother, full time college student (again), Fiance and Etsian. I am a US Navy Veteran! I served 4 years and was aboard two Destroyers, USS Stout and USS Gonzalez.

I am a mother to Brianna (who I call Boopy), a cute and sassy little 4 year old! She is amazing and a genius, literally. She absolutely amazes me!

*Awwww, what a cute nickname*

I started my Etsy shop in October after being completely unsatisfied with every past job. This by far is the first thing that has clicked with me and my way of life.  I have never been happier!


How long have you been selling vintagicities?

I opened up shop on Etsy October of last year. I have collected vintage for quite some time, but did not sell until then.


What makes your shop different from others on Etsy?

I would have to say my personality within the shop. I only buy what I would put in my own home, I don’t just buy what is popular or valuable. My shop is completely my taste!


Are you a personal collector of anything in particular?

I have collected giraffe figurines since I was 6 years old. I have quite the collection! Mainly wooden figurines. I went to Kenya a few years ago with the Navy (yes, I was a Sailor). Along the pier, they had vendors. I came across one that had nothing but hand carved wooden animals. I think I just about bought him out of giraffes!

The coolest thing, they didn’t want money from us. They wanted goods. It was a complete barter system. He wanted my boots, a blanket, a tooth brush and tooth paste. I had to teach him how to brush his teeth. It was such a cool experience. We didn’t speak the same language, but we still had a great time communicating.


What would you say was your greatest or most expensive find?

I have a few. One of my favorites is a WMF Silver candle holder. It is amazing, and I do mean amazing.  I picked it up at an antique store for $7. It is valued at $750.

One other favorite of mine is a Mid Century teak room divider. Beautiful geometric pattern throughout!  I grabbed it at a thrift store for $40. It is valued at $1,200.



We gotta know....

One word that best describes you?

I love a good time. I live in the moment. I want to experience everything life has to offer!

*I could see you riding a giraffe Ashley!! Teehee!*


What's the craziest thing you've ever done?

Oh gosh, where do I begin here…
I picked up and moved to Kodiak Alaska right after high school. Coming from a small town outside of Richmond, Virginia, I was a long way from home! I made a life there for quite a while.
Shortly after returning home from Alaska I enlisted in the Navy. My parents had no idea of my plans. I went into the recruiting station, signed up and then divulged the idea. They were shocked! My mom cried, my fathers jaw fell to the floor. We werent a military family so no one ever thought of me joining the military, including myself. Plus I am quite girly!
And then there was the time I was almost arrested in Gibraltar, we may have to save that for later…
Needless to say, I usually live in the moment!


Let's say we try something truly adventureous like this fellow? Hehe!

If told you had to, would you paraglide or skydive?

Skydive!!! Hands down. I have always wanted to try. I have a little fear of heights, but it doesn’t usually hold me back from much.


Have you ever crashed a minibike or gocart?

Neither, but I did crash a ride on lawn mower! I was about 7 or 8, hopped on one, had no idea what I was doing. Nor, was I watching where I was going and BAM into a tree!

Yes, I believe we've a picture of that incident and the aftermath!


Are you pro or con when it comes to the "5 second" rule, why/why not?

Totally depends on the surroundings! If in my own home, yes. Elsewhere, no! I at least know whats been on my floor at home.

  * Ok, if it were a Little Miss Debbie snack cake or a Reeses Peanut Butter Cup, Yes! *

and lastly....

Is there any thing special that of which you'd like to share with our readers?

I am recently engaged to the best partner I could ask for, Jeffery.  He is so amazing!  He too is a veteran, Marine Corp.

  He is super fabulous in handling my spontaneous, sometimes ADD way of life.
We have been together for about 4 years and he popped the question on Mothers Day!

Congratulations Ashley and Jeffrey, we wish you all the best!!


It's truly an honor for me to have the opportunity to do these interviews and I sincerely appreciate the time given to accomodate my request.

Ashley and I hope you've enjoy the read, got to know a little more about the person behind the scenes at VNTAGEQUEEN and hope you'll stop by her Etsy shop....

for a visit.  You can also follow Ashley on ....

A special THANKS to
Ashley for allowing me her
time and this interview.

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Kristin Long said...

Hi Ashley! You have some really nice things in your shop, and you seem to have such a fun personality! Good luck on Etsy and in your new marriage!