Thursday, May 17, 2012

Saltwater & Big Wave

With summer coming up I can't help but to think of those days at Huntington Beach, CA and dreaming of some big wave surf (20 ft waves or bigger).  Those days gone I do still long for the taste of the salt water and the anticipation of the next set to come in. 

Perhaps this fall and one last time at the...

Lincoln City Oregon


CreatiKnit said...

Oooh! That looks so fun!

NeverTooOld said...

It will be!!! Come join me!! LOL!

ticc said...

What beautiful pictures, and so refreshing to see. Gosh, now I want to go to the beach, and have fun. :O)

NeverTooOld said...

Hiya ticc,
Makes ya wanna jump in don't it! I have always been around water, be it salt or fresh and love it! Thanks for the visit and kind comments!

ticc said...

Hi Dave,
Yes it sure does, and to get lost somewhere. LOL. Same here, been around Galveston all my life, so have had plenty of the salt and fresh water here. It's so relaxing at times. You're very welcome. Have a great day!

NeverTooOld said...

Hi Susan,
To spend the day at the beach or up in the woods by a crystal clear stream is indeed one of the most relaxing things one can do. Enjoy your Sunday!