Sunday, December 28, 2014

Hello Dolly!

Yesterday while going through some boxes I found this book from 1969 titled "How To Successfully Start and Operate a Doll Hospital" and had to laugh!  I thought of how much fun I could have with this, who I could share it with?  

First, I had to find the two dolls I've had hanging around for years, dolls I could never discard as I knew they had a purpose, there was a reason I hung on for soooo long, the reason came in the form of this book.   

Second, I had to created a post.... Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook!  A post that would included a silly quote from the iconic TV show "Six Million Dollar Man".  A post only Oscar Goldman, Jamie Sommers, and the dude himself, Steve Austin could truly love (or so I think, lol).

And (I know one should never start a sentence with "and") who better to feature with the book than ole Stevie himself.  Broken and nearly abandoned, accompanied by an old "Battle Scarred" friend, "Headless" G.I. Joe Johnson.

"Doctor, we have the technology, we can rebuild them!"

It is now POSSIBLE!


EarthLites said...

This is so cute! I remember the days when my dolls became anything I wanted them to be... including nurses (I only had one boy doll, Ken, of course)

Jenni I.W. said...

Great post! I had so many dolls with missing arms and legs - I had 2 older brothers and dogs!! I think my son would twist his "men" - GI Joes and He-Mans to see just how far body parts would turn before they came off!

NeverTooOld said...

Thanks D! As weird as it may sound, dolls have always been a part of my life, be them antique, Barbie, Midge, Stacie, Ken's, Joe's, or Stretch Armstrong's, lol.

NeverTooOld said...

LOL@body parts Jenni! You would not believe how many Barbies I have stashed. I just cannot bring myself to give them away. Just like the fellas pictured, I just know that someday, somewhere, I'll come across or find those missing parts! Thanks for your visit and especially your comment, I've enjoyed immensely!