Thursday, November 17, 2011

Sir Lamps Alot

I sure like lamps, alot.  Specifically pre-70's lamps, but I won't pass up a nice stained glass shaded lamp either as you may have read in a previous post.  Here's one I ran across at a local thrift store that I'm thinkin' on converting to a post lamp.  This is a hanging lamp that I believe is from the 1940's that someone along the way bluewashed it.  Even with the bluewash, it looks soo cool.  Would ya believe I paid only 5 bucks.

It retains all of it's original hardware for a ceiling mount application.  The original chain is included as well.  All 5 shade rings are in perfect condition.  All the porcelain fixtures are in excellent condition as well.

The arms that extend from the body of the lamp are near perfect as well as the body and end caps.  Having a bottom cap is a real plus as I will allow me the option of turning this into a pedestal lamp.

What do you think, pedestal or hanging?


Hanging it is!

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