Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Sweet Vintage

Here's a shoutout to a new pal who owns and operates Esty shop...

Christina has been a member since 2008 and is stocking her shop with some cool vintage finds.  I've listed a few samples of her great finds in hopes to intice you into visiting her shop.  One of my fave pieces is this 1972 New Haven Quartz Owl wall clock by the Burwood Company.

Another is this 3 piece Maurice of California serving set in a beautiful turquoise glaze.

Beautiful color!

This sunflower candy dish is sure to appeal to those who appreciate the bright and vivid colors the natural flower has to offer.

Lastly, as I don't wanna give away all her great vintage finds is this awesomely crazed acorn shaped dish

I love how the color transends from a yellowish at top down to a deep avocado green at the bottom, uniquely beautiful.

I hope you'll stop in for a browse as I'm sure you'll enjoy Christina's vintage treasures and who know's, you may find something you just can't live without?

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