Sunday, February 14, 2016


Time for some updates as I've been on too long a hiatus and lacking in keeping this blog up to date.  Something which I hope to be more attentive to.  Here is where I share some of my personal favorite vintage finds.  One category that I enjoy perhaps the most and at the same time is challenging when it comes to finding, is vintage Slot Cars and Race Sets. 

From the large hobby tracks of the 1960's, to the home version sets

like the Aurora Motor Modeling set shown above,

to the new modern digital fast tracks of the new millennium

and the sleek mega speed cars of today
 collecting and racing these cars are a thrill for the young and old. 

Here are a couple of the vintage sets I have in my personal collection and for sale in my Etsy shop

Here is my latest find, a 2008 Carrera Evolution "Cool Rods" analog set that comes with a full 1/24th scale layout/track and two 1/32nd scale cars.  Versatile in that you can run both scales on the same set.
  Featuring 1930's and 40's cars, I can't wait to get this thing set up and let the racing begin. 

Here's one I have currently for sale on Etsy.  It's an older SCX 1/32 scale set that features two Nascar racing cars along with two Nissan "Drifter" styled cars.  The set comes to you without box, but in good complete working condition.  Visit my shop NeverTooOld to find out more.
A great "Starter" set for the beginning collector and one that doesn't need a great deal of space to layout, approximately 4' x 6' or 24 square foot area.  A nice set to introduce to the kids and a great way to spend hours with a new hobby that can be enjoyed at home.

I currently have two of the following sets, the one pictured below will soon be available on Ebay for bid.  It's a 1966/67 Montgomery Wards by Eldon "Sport and Stock" set in 1/32 scale that is near mint with everything pictured included. 
It's a huge layout with nearly 40' of track and includes 2 running chassis' and 6 bodies that include a Ford J car, Chapparal, Ford Mustang, Chevy Camaro, Chevy Corvette, and Dodge Charger.

The other like set below is packaged up for now, but soon to be permanently set for racing.
A near mint outer box...

with complete set and cars to match.  The decals still remain on their original sheets.

So, if you have the room, and want to start a new hobby or collection that you can actually use that's still relatively inexpensive, I highly recommend vintage slot car racing and collecting.
It's a great hobby to get kids started on and hours of fun.

Happy Racing!


To Race!

Daytona Day!


Meg's Endeavors said...

Great slot car pics/items! Love to play with them as a kid (my brothers). I remember my Dad & brother would play in race tournaments!

Dave V said...

Hi M!,
Thanks for stopping by! I loved them as a kid, spent many hours at home and at the hobby shop with my brothers. Still love buying, trading, selling them. Awesome you'd get in the mix with the boys, takes a special gal to like this stuff.

Red Rose Alley said...

Oh, this takes me back to the race track and cars we used to have when I was a kid. I used to play with that all the time. I agree, this is a great hobby for kids. Look at that little vintage mustang hahaha. I bet my brother still has some of the cars, I'll have to ask him. :)

Have a wonderful week, Dave.


Dave V said...

Hiya Sheri,
I love to hear of the memories shared and awesome to know some of the ladies I know here once enjoyed toys likes these. I've always been a gear-head, but these little jewels I've always had a passion for. Thanks again for visiting as it is always lovely to hear from you.

Red Rose Alley said...

Dave, thank you for showing my picture of the white blossom trees on your other blog. I appreciate that, and your words. It was really a pretty sight to see them because this area I visited has open fields and country roads. My kind of place for sure. It seems that spring in California always starts early, and I think this year is no exception.

Have a wonderful week.


Dave V said...

Hiya Sheri,
It was my pleasure to share your lovely photog as it lent to a simplistic beauty with the blossom tree in the foreground with the open meadow. It appeared the perfect place for a picnic. Yes, I recall growing up in Cali, spring seemed to always arrive earlier than other parts of the country. Thanks so much for joining in on our team blog and although I not the best of writers, I sincerely appreciate you following.

Happy Writing,