Monday, June 6, 2016


In honor of

National Yo-Yo Day

One of my favorite childhood toys (ya, childhood), so today we pay special homage to the


and my all time favorite...

"The Batman"

Which was your favorite?
(Don't try to fool me as I know you had a fave Yo-Yo, even if it was your brother or sisters)


Red Rose Alley said...

Yes, I DID have a favorite. It was a bright red one, and I have to say that I was pretty good with the YoYo back in my childhood. Even to this day when I pick up a YoYo, I can do the same tricks and magic with it. Blows my kids away hahaha.

The YoYo is such a classic, it can have a post all of its own. :)


Dave V said...

Haha, I'd love to see you in Yo-Yo action Sheri! What fun! I still have the "Batman" and a couple others. My girls never took to 'em. Thanks so much for the visit and never stop having fun!

Red Rose Alley said...

Dave, what a wonderful comment you wrote on my last post. I appreciate it very much. Your words were genuine and it was heartwarming to read. Yes, you may share my son's letter with your co-workers if you'd like. Thank you for realizing how much this letter meant to me, as it was handwritten by my precious boy. I wish you all the goodness in life, you deserve it.


Dave V said...

Dearest Sheri, Your sons letter is an attestation of his upbringing and the truest form of the love a mother could bestow upon her child. It is a direct reflection of your love, understanding, and teachings that resonates the same in his love for you and Jesus Christ much so that he wrote of his own accord and indelible. The truly amazing thing is that he wrote this at such a young age. I believe that although his words reasoned with his love of the cross, his letter was a transcendence of his love for you.

Thank you so much for your kindest of comments as they've come at a time whereas I too had experienced a week of some of the same of which you described in your post, but thank goodness I have my joural, some of which I share on my NeverTooOld blog. It's beautiful people such as yourself that make life that much better.


Dave V said...

p.s., schucks, I forgot to thank you for allowing me to share with the students I work with. I'm a vocational training manager that works with young men between the ages of 18 and 30 who have known nothing but a life of drugs and alcohol since they were 10 -12 years old. Partly through spiritual emphasis and the teachings of Christ, so your sons letter will lend a lesson of faith,inspiration, and hope.